Update on FIRST THURSDAYS at The Lizard

We want to thank the fine people at The Twisted Lizard for 6 years of first Thursday appearances. In that time we've performed there over 60 times including 2 New Years Eve's playing for a packed houses of family, friends and fans. Sadly, the owners have decided to curtail live music on Thursday nights and will only have live music on Friday nights. So, our First Thursday Lizard "residency" has come to an end. We are not yet on the Friday night schedule but we are working on that so stayed tuned for updates.

Thanks for all your support!

Please keep us in mind for your next party or event. If you are a non-profit organization and are looking for entertainment for a fund raiser, we are open to donating our services depending upon the cause, the organization, the venue location and our availability. Give us a buzz or drop us a line and we'll talk about it. Click HERE to learn about charities and causes we've played for.


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GedaLifE A dynamic (yet humble and lovable) band from Scottsdale, AZ, is made up of five friendly folks who aren't quite ready to quit their day jobs. We play some of the very best rock, blues, folk, and country music ever written.

Who's music do you cover?
Anything is fair game; CSN&Y, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Muddy Waters, Elton John, Traffic, Don McLean, The Beatles, Charlie Daniels, Bon Jovi and newer stuff from bands like REM, Cracker, BNL (Bare Naked Ladies), The Gin Blossoms, KT Tunstall, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Darius Rucker, Passenger, Echosmith, Phillip Phillips
and The Zac Brown Band.

Who  are  you?
Jeff Chapman sings those sweet harmony lines and plays just about any stringed instrument he can get his hands on, be it guitar, mandolin, or banjo. He also wails on a mean blues harp harmonica which he learned to play as a kid while jamming in his bedroom to Elvis 45's. With a Dad who was a big band leader in the 40's, Jeff has music in his blood, and has been entertaining himself and others for years. In the harsh light of day, Jeff is a free lance corporate headhunter for robotics companies and he claims that he is not now, nor has he ever been, a robot.

Ted Levie plays guitar, sings, and rocks out on an occasional kazoo solo. The good people of Flagstaff, AZ were the first to hear Ted perform where, in between NAU comp sci classes, he appeared as a solo act and later on as a member of The Personal Pronouns covering vintage rock and roll from iconic artists like David Bowie, Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones. Now, in addition to his guitar slinging and lead singer roles in GedaLifE, Ted sells really cool digital storage systems that few mortals can come close to understanding. We’ll keep Ted in the band as long as he keeps pulling obscure songs out of the deepest recesses of his cluttered mind.

Chris Knudsen, a former pro football player, is a percussionist extraordinaire who comes from a Southern California family of Latin jazz musicians. Chris hears and creates an exciting syncopated rhythmic foundation for the tunes on the GedaLifE play list and, in addition to being the band's sommelier, acts as our body guard on that very rare occasion when overly aggressive fans go wild and try to mob us. Chris has a big following in the mines of the south west where he sells equipment for a major player in the mining biz. And, if you think that's impressive, he even knows how to spell and say molybdenum.

Randy Nelson plays bass guitar providing the band with those sub-sonic tones that  serve as the foundation for our unique GedaLifE sound. Brought up by wild dogs in Southern California, Randy brings a wide range of musical influences to the group. His human dad was a published country song writer and Randy is an avid collector of recorded music who has been playing in bands in California and here in Arizona for many more years than he is willing to admit! By the way, just kidding about the whole wild dog thing!

Sarah Miller is the real musician in the band. She's played the violin since the age of three and has a degree in music therapy and has spent many years playing with professional symphony orchestras throughout the cosmos and beyond. Sarah has a wonderful ear for vocal harmonies and has a lot of fun leaving her classical roots behind for some good old fashioned fiddling!  In addition to GedaLifE, Sarah shares her gifts by teaching kids to sing and appreciate music. In addition to her musical contributions, we keep Sarah around to counter act the rest of the band's massive amount of testosterone with her beauty, charm, grace and talent.

How many of you are there?
We, Jeff, Ted, Chris, Randy and Sarah are the heart and soul of the band. But, if if you really want to rock out and dance till dawn, we can bring along a drummer who plays a full trap set!

Where can I see this music  phenom?

GedaLifE performs in public at, taverns, restaurants and resorts around the Valley, or for private engagements like backyard parties, wedding receptions, company parties, fund raisers and special events. We can be seen and heard the first Thursday of every month at The Twisted Lizard Tavern and Grille in the McDowell Mountain Ranch area of Scottsdale.

How can I book you?
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